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The world capital


New York
Immerse yourself in the city of New York for five minutes, and you will see why it is like no other place on earth. Only here you will find all the best attributes of America, diversity, culture, and style of an intriguing way.


New York is "The city that never sleeps"

New York is one of the world's most exciting cities. It is often called the "city that never sleeps." In fact, Times Square looks more vibrant and active at midnight than most other cities at noon.


New York has many tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Central United Nations, the Empire State Building and more than 300 museums.


It is famous for its variety of entertainment options, including Broadway theaters, famous in the whole world. There are over 30,000 restaurants in New York City plus countless bars and clubs. If you like big cities and a lot of commotion, the Big Apple is a fantastic place to visit.

There are so many attractions that New York provides that it is impossible to know every corner in a few days, but there are some attractions that no tourist should avoid 

Many are known worldwide, unequivocally symbols representing the city, others are not so well known, but well worth it to dedicate a visit.

Each borough has its individual charm, each has a life:



Manhattan (Mannahatta, or island of the hills, as the Indians called it) is an island of 21.5 km. long and 3.7 km. wide. It is the largest borough of the city and where most activity takes place in all areas: commercial, industrial, financial, tourism, art. With a million and a half of habitants, its island condition forced it to grow up, and quickly became full of towering skyscrapers. However, maintaining green spaces, like Central Park, true heart of the island.

Manhattan connects with other boroughs through numerous bridges and tunnels, and Staten Island via a ferry service.




He is considered the bedroom of New York, since historically the borough grew in the shadow of industrial and commercial development in Manhattan, which was accentuated by the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a collection of neighborhoods, many descendants of old Dutch towns and villages.

Definitely one of the postcards of Brooklyn is the famous bridge that joins the island of Manhattan. From an area called Brooklyn Heights near which is the borough's Civic Center, you can see a magnificent view of Manhattan.

Staten Island

Staten Island is by far the least populous borough of the city and occupies the island of the same name and other smaller islands that are uninhabited. Staten Island is often subject to mood of the residents of other districts, they attribute some enigmatic and rustically suburban character. Indeed, the central and southern areas were occupied by farms mainly engaged in the dairy and poultry until the middle of last century.

Since from the island you may have spectacular views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. It also has other attractions that are worth visiting, for example, Tibetan art museum with a collection of the world's largest Buddhist objects of the Tibet.



Located in the northwest of Long Island, also encompasses various islands in Jamaica Bay. Its name is a tribute to Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II. Queens is like Brooklyn, primarily a residential area, of single family houses made of wood where different communities lives


Connect with other sectors of the city via bridges and tunnels, including the great Queensboro Bridge, passing over Roosevelt Island connects to Manhattan, and Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan coming up to the United Nations building 



To the north of Manhattan, The Bronx boasts a picturesque addition to its culture. It covers Orchard Beach, a beautiful stretch facing the Strait of Long Island, wich is a favorite in warmer weather. From another perspective, the sea, watching City Island, lies a historic port that feels more like a fishing village as part of the largest city in the United States.


The Bronx is separated from Manhattan by the Harlem River and is the only district in New York that is on the mainland.



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Niágara Falls


On the border between Canada and United States you may find one of the most impressive wonders of nature's that can be admired in the world: Niagara Falls. Is one of the most visited tourist sites in North America during the year.

Thunder of the Waters

 Formed at the end of the Ice Age, between 30,000 and 50,000 years ago, the origin of the name Niagara comes from the language of the Iroquois, the early inhabitants of Lake Erie. In their language, Niagara means "thunder of the waters." These Indians believed that this wonder of nature was the place where the God of the Thunder, Hinu, dwelt.

The first written record we have of Niagara Falls is from the year 1535 by French explorer Jacques Cartier, discoverer of Canada, who was sent by Francis I to this part of the world to find a new route to connect Europe with Asia through North America, by the called Northwest Passage.

Located on the border between Canada and the United States

The Niagara Falls is located in the border between Canada and the United States in the Great Lakes region. The amazing fall of its waters are formed by the gap between Lakes Erie and Ontario, a difference that separate the Niagara River in three separate sections. Goat Island divides the falls into two parts: the Horseshoe Falls, and Niagara’s.


The Horseshoe Falls, west of Goat Island, are on the Canadian side, measuring 640 meters wide by 54 high, the Niagara’s, or American side, east of the island, have a front of 323 meters width where the Niagara River plunges from a height of 55 meters.

Niagara Falls, an energy source

The volume of water which Niagara Falls have is close to 6,500 cubic meters per second, volume that varies depending on the season, and the time of the day, in that its flow is regulated by hydroelectric power plants that were built on both sides of the Niagara River in order to harness the immense potential of the water.

The falls generate so much energy, that it can light a quarter of the state of New York, and all the Canadian province of Ontario.

A tourist destination

 The enormous beauty of the landscape took little time in calling the attention of speculators, and, in the year 1885, was established the Queen Victoria Falls Provincial Park, in order to protect the environment from conifers and meadows surrounding the falls.


In the XIX century, Canada and the United States founded two cities on either side of the falls, two cities that had something in common, and it was that they were called the same: Niagara Falls. One is located in Canada, in the province of Ontario, and the other in United States, in the state of New York. The two cities are linked by a bridge, the Rainbow Bridge. Both the Canadian and American shores live off tourism.

Resorts and tourist facilities, receive every year thousands of visitors, especially the newlyweds on a honeymoon trip, this is because since more than one hundred years, the Niagara Falls is the preferred destination of millions of American couples to spend their honeymoon in the Canadian or American shore.



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A swimming pool suspended at 200 meters

Just a few days ago, the grand opening of a resort in Singapore ended, which is also considered as of the most expensive real estate investment in the world. With an investment of no less than 5.7 billion dollars, including the high cost of land in a location where space is precious, the Marina Bay Sands complex surprises by its extravagances.
Marina Bay Sands, has a hotel of 2,560 rooms, convention center, shopping center, restaurants, a Museum of Arts and Sciences, theaters and a huge casino. So far, surprising, but nothing that we can not find in Las Vegas. Supported by three huge towers 200 meters high, the so called floating Skypark, has a capacity for 3,900 people and has a pool of 150 meters long that breaks several records worldwide. It is the world's largest floating platform in height.
The architectural extravagance comes from the hand of a complex of 340 meters long which seems suspended in the sky on a platform. Supported by three huge towers 200 meters high, called Skypark float has a capacity for 3,900 people and has a pool of 150 meters long breaks several records worldwide. It is the world's largest floating platform in the form of height.
The entire resort Marina Bay Sands is an extravaganza, and its construction faced multiple inconveniences: increased cost of materials, international crisis, shortage of labor, delayed its partial opening up to June 23, 2010, and the full complex, until December 2010.
In the video, we see futuristic lines and shapes, where the towers and platform stands at the top, where it runs a lookout walk, botanical garden with 250 trees and 650 species of plants, and above all, the already named pool. The Marina Bay Sands Casino, on the other hand, is one of the first in Singapore, that until recently months, prohibiting such establishments.
Singapore, a tourist destination known for its high prices, and attractions for all ages, does not stop adding curiosities to attract even more tourists to discover its wonders.

Asia is fashionable

In tourism as in all, fashion determines the most visited destinations, as well as in other things there are places that are above it. Rome, London and Paris are good examples of cities that do not affect the latest trends and always aroused the interest of the traveler. However, the majority receives more or less tourism, depending largely on its own style.


For Americans, Asia is what is most fashionable at the moment and we already know what usually marks trends in the rest of the world. Asian cities are those that have experienced a greater increase in searches last year. This is the awakening interest that experts think the trend will continue this year and could even displace some of the traditional destinations.


According to Skyscanner, the ranking of the cities that have increased the demands on your browser, is led by Shanghai which has been increasing by 243 percent in searches. Taipei is located immediately behind, followed by Beijing, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City. Up to sixth place, it does not appear a city of another continent, Moscow, along with Kiev are the only non-Asian. In the eighth place, the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur and the last two places are for Singapore and Hong Kong.

If this year you also want your holidays to be on trend and you are looking for different and exciting destinations, you will have to put your view to East Asia.


Truly magical places

On our planet there are places that by the hand of nature and of man can be considered as magical. Some of them speak on this occasion.
Easter Island (Chile), in this place you can find a strange legacy of Polynesian culture that are still looking at the horizon formed. Relics can be visited within the Rapa Nui National Park.
The Red Centre (Australia) is a region that was declared a National Heritage by UNESCO, the most known being Uluru which is characterized by change color during the day.
Sacred Valley (Peru), better known as the ruins of Machu Pichu is preferred by those who join the adventure tourism with the fact of knowing the religions of ancient cultures. In the valley you can see various tombs, sacred temples and many steps that remain intact despite the passage of time.
Amazon Jungle (Brazil), this place will have spoken on this page and Faunatura, because it is a place where wildlife are very important. On the other hand live in the different tribes, and increasingly are being discovered.
Hot springs of Pamukkale (Turkey). The hot springs were carving the stone over time the limestone deposits in great form stalactites.
While we've talked about some sites, our world has to offer endless possibilities to amaze you with what surrounds us, whether created by nature or created by human hands. Many ancient civilizations have left us a very important legacy that today can be visited.

Netherlands Antilles Disappear

Si lo estudiaste en el colegio hace tiempo, es hora de actualizarse. Las Antillas Holandesas no existen más. Desde el domingo 10 de octubre, para ser exactos.
Ese dia, las islas de Curaçao y de St.Martin se han declarado independientes y han dejado de ser parte de un todo bajo la tutela de los Países Bajos. Bueno, al menos en parte. El Gobierno holandés seguirá siendo responsable para la defensa y política exterior en los nuevos países, y tendrá la supervisión inicial de las finanzas de Curaçao (quien parece que debe mucho a la corona).
El príncipe heredero, Guillermo, y su esposa, la Princesa Máxima, estuvieron allí presentes para cantar por última vez el himno holandés y arriar su bandera en un acto con el cual se cierra una etapa en la historia del Caribe.
Curaçao y San Martín son ahora los estados independientes más nuevos de la comunidad internacional (salvo que en estos días haya surgido alguno mas fresquito, que todo puede ser).
Aruba ya se había independizado en el año 1986. Las islas de Bonaire, San Eustatius y Saba, se convirtieron en municipalidades especiales autónomas de Holanda en la disolución del territorio de las Antillas Holandesas, de 56 años de existencia.
Las seis ex colonias holandesas en el Caribe ya tenían una autonomía amplia como miembros de las ahora disueltas Antillas Holandesas, Curaçao y San Martín tendrán más poder de Gobierno y uso de sus propios ingresos fiscales.
No se preven cambios en el permiso de entrada a los visitantes.

The nature of the national park Morrocoy

Located about 3 hours from Caracas in Venezuela, we find a charming place, and that is the dream of those who enjoy the sea and the riches it offers to its visitors.
We're talking about Morrocoy National Park, a destination sorprendentente which consists of over thirty islands and cays, coral located on the Gulf of Triste and was designed with the objective of providing shelter for marine life and birds in 1974.
Tortoise has a climate if many variations throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 30 ° C, and this is why it is very suitable for travelers who like to spend some days in contact with nature.
Among the most outstanding beaches in the area see Cayo Sombrero, Playuela, Mayorquin, Key German, Silver Mero, Cayo de Pescadores, dry mouth, and Low Cayman Punta Brabo, and these are just some of the 15 that is distributed in total.
Finally, the lucky ones who come to the village you can see, besides other species, birds such as pelicans, parrots and flamingos, as well as sea turtles, alligators, dolphins, whales and crabs in an amazing natural spectacle.

where walking through the city of Brighton, England


Brighton is a city located on the south coast of England, is located approximately 1 hour by train from London. It is close to the train station where the lively neighborhood of North Laine, and almost beside the great domes of the Royal Pavilion, The Lanes maze, full of cafes and shops antiguiedades. Dockside displays the gay district.

Places of interest to ride in Brighton, you must first browse leisurely through North Laine: about Garner Street, the pedestrian Street Kensington Gardens and Sydney are the best jewelry stores and bohemian style throughout the city.
Salt to know and enjoy the cultural hub of the city, with oriental forms of the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum, among others, which borders the Pavilion Gardens. Buy meats in the deli picnic Bona Foodie in St. James's Street 21 or Bill's Produce Store on North Road 100, and go to lunch at the beach, next to the sound of the waves.

Take an ice cream at the dock and then hop on the carousel. For nightlife, go to The Beach Club, 171 Kings Road Arches or the Funky Buddha Lounge, next door. Finally, get a gig in Joogleberry Playhouse, Manchester Street or at The Hanbury Club, the ancient mausoleum now become a den lively music in St. George's Road.

Ice museum in Patagonia, "The Glaciarium"

Glaciarium is an interpretive center devoted entirely to understand these complex natural phenomena. In Glaciarium, promotes research and knowledge of glaciers with scientific rigor in order to promote conservation and environmental care. Located in El Calafate, in the province of Santa Cruz, and just one of the attractions near the Perito Moreno Glacier, for many, one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world.
The Museum is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00, although in winter (May to June) is open from 11:00. General admission costs about 13 euros, although paid under 9 euros. To get there, there is a bus leaving from the provincial Ministry of Tourism. The other option is to move about 6 km drive from El Calafate to Perito Moreno glacier direction. The museum has spectacular views of the Argentinian Lake and the mountains.
Santa Cruz is also home to Glacier National Park, the largest in Argentina, at the same time, the park contains some of the largest glaciers in the Southern Hemisphere excluding Antarctica. In addition to the Perito Moreno Glacier, we can find other equally large and impressive as the Spegazzini, Upsala, Onelli. Many of them are accessible by hiking shipped by Lake Argentino. Among such magnificence, it was hoped a research and outreach as Glaciarium, a complex completes the offer of a region of exceptional scenery.

A different way to know countries through the cruises

Although many people rule out this option because they think they are very expensive and travel beyond the reach of their pockets, but nothing is further from reality, and that as in everything in life, if you search a bit, we can find cheap cruises affordable for all budgets.



Travel by cruise are far more entertaining than those typically do sightseeing tour. As the ship moves from place to place, passengers can use all the facilities of this type are equipped boats.

Another thing why any person should do a boat trip is for the beauty and peace of mind that get on these boats, allowing sometimes see marine species in their natural habitat.
Travel by cruise are far more entertaining than those typically do sightseeing tour. As the ship moves from place to place, passengers can use all the facilities of this type are equipped boats.
Another thing why any person should do a boat trip is for the beauty and peace of mind that get on these boats, allowing sometimes see marine species in their natural habitat.
Variety is another strong point of the cruise. Currently one can take a cruise virtually anywhere in the world, taking into account that under certain dates, weather issues, some are not available. Thus, one may decide to go to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean surf or go to northern Europe and spend a few days by the Norwegian fjords.
From here we encourage you to try this type of travel insurance you'll stay in love with his majesty.

Paris has a beach

Well, no, we have not got the wrong city, Paris has a beach. One more reason to visit this amazing city (if all the history, art and fashion houses you looked recently).
The initiative is not new, and since 2002 the banks of the Seine River become really curious beach in the town of a really beautiful city. Since then it has to be a luxury sunbathing there.
The beach comes from the Louvre to Suilly bridge, and not lack anything: sand, palm trees, showers, water sprays ... Come on, so glad to stay in town when you travel.
If you go this year, hurry up, because it will be accessible until August 20. In addition, you can take to make the most varied activities such as tennis, fitness, skating.
Well, considering that we are in crisis, there is nothing good to know that you can access the beach for free. And is that any saving is always good, even on vacation.
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Dining underwater in Maldives


Ithaa Restaurant
Maldives, beautiful destination par excellence, as is often the case with Asian or Pacific destinations, also has noteworthy oddities that fill the palate of the tourists who want to be a bellyful of exotic tourism. This time we talk about taste literally, because we go by the Maldives food tourism in a way quite unique.
If you have the (remote) possibility of staying at the Hilton Maldives, you can not afford to forget dinner at Restaurant Ithaa, the only restaurant submerged beneath the ocean waters in the world, which we will discuss in today.
This architectural genius is four feet below the surface of the sea surrounded by coral reefs, and allows a view of 270 degrees around so you can eat appreciating the varied marine life that inhabits this region.
Combining traditional Maldivian cuisine with some Western and Asian influences, the restaurant has capacity for fourteen Ithaa diners can enjoy exquisite meals in a unique environment.

Brazilian Paradise, "Noronha"

The Brazilians are very suspicious about their beaches. And Fernando de Noronha is the spoiled child of this great South American. The island, which rises to 360 kilometers of the continent, is one of the favorite places for diving in the world.
His reputation is well founded: and from the air are perceived pyramidal hills, deserted beaches and lush vegetation.
Declared by Unesco World Heritage Site, the Pernambuco state government implemented a strict policy of preservation. The daily population size is restricted to 120, not allowing more than 465 tourists to stay together and be paid a rate of environmental protection which considerably increases day by day.
For the 2,400 local inhabitants, the rules are less rigid. The use of vehicles is limited to a few buggies and trucks and for some time, were banned within Noronha births to avoid the production of natural rights of residence.
Bahia do Sancho is the main beach. It is accessed by a stairway descending vertically embedded in the rock. At the base of the hill is a unique freshwater waterfall and warm.
Bahia dos Porcos offers the best sunset view, with chill out music and delicious cocktails.
The Pousada Maravilha Pousada Ze Maria and are lovely places to stay. If you want to enjoy live music, the bars are ideal Via dos Remedios. Also, every Monday the Bar do Cachorro offers maracatú show, Recife typical pace, with musicians and dancers in colorful costumes.
Preservation is the theme of this paradise guarded.